Adrian Barron

General: I was born in Germany and hold dual Belizean and British nationality. My interest in natural history such as entomology and mycology has directed my current employment as a freelance gardener/garden designer. I have been involved in various artists’ collectives such as Zero and Landings in the Caribbean and I am part of an international arts group, Beyond the Gallery. In Belize I co-founded/coordinated Belize’s Earth Art Sculpture Park ‘Poustinia’, located in the jungle. I am part of Juxtavoices a dadaesque anti-choir, made up of Sheffield’s leftfield music, poetry and visual arts scene.

Selected teaching: St Johns College Belize, EEA Estonia, FA Byam Shaw School of Art, FAA, FDA, Central Saint Martin’s, PGP Working Mens College. Course writer UAL level 3 and 7. Outreach programmes such as Young@Art, Disabilities access BS, Young Adults in Care, Fast Track and Local Schools Access CSM, outreach programme NLU London, Rema and ROAR Rotherham.

Artist statement: Barron is an artist who makes prints, videos and site-specific works. His practice is inspired by the garden. In its small scale, this environment exemplifies the state of constant flux and ambiguity that characterise nature. This ambiguity is reflected in the outcome of his work, which questions what the real ‘nature’ of nature is, the role of the human, deceptions and the resulting phenomena within our wider world.

Heterotopia West. Street Road, Pennsylvania, USA. 2013-2017
Garden Night shift. Coterie Gallery, Rotherham. UK 2016
Landscape/ Nature. Kettering Museum, Kettering. UK 2016
The Supervene Forest. Street Road, Pennsylvania. USA 2014
Beyond the Hortus. E.A.A. Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia. 2009
Symbiosis. Gallery Wildeshausen, Wildeshausen, Germany. 2007
A Day in the life of Bombus. Wrexham Arts Centre, Wales. 2007
Cathedral Project. Poustinia Earth Art Park, Belize. 2001
Recent Prints. Martin Village Gallery, London, UK. 1998
“and they sold the rain”. Swansea Arts Workshop, Swansea, Wales. 1997
Printmaking. The Image Factory, Belize City, Belize. 1997
Prints. The National Gallery of Belize, Belize City, Belize. 1993
The Factory, ROAR Rotherham 2019
River banksy, Riverside and Rawmarsh Library, Rotherham 2018
NOF (Land). Camden, London. 2018
‘No place like home?’ Spaceship, New Art Spaces Museum, Israel. 2015
‘Office Session 2’ Anchorage House, Docklands, London. 2014
University Centre Milton Keynes Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK. 2013
Parallex Art Fair. New York, USA. 2012
New York Book Fair, New York, USA. 2010
Identity. Mott Factory Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. 2009
Landings 10. Museum of International Art, Badajos, Spain. 2009
Landings 9. Belize City, Belize. 2008
Landings 8. Art Museum of Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan. 2008
SMALL PRINT: Big impression! Gainsbourgh’s House, Sudbury, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales.UK
University College Northampton, UK 2007.
Landings 5. Museum of the Americas, Washington D.C. USA. 2007
Installations. Centro Iberoamericano de Formacia, La Antigua, Guatemala. 2003
Zero. Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City, Mexico. 2003
Zero. Museo de Arte Modern, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 2002
Zero. Sol de Rio, Guatemala City, Guatemala. 2002
Galleria Sala Mendoza, Caracas, Venezuela. 2002
Gallery Ze Dos Bois, Lisbon, Portugal. 2002
made in belize. Environment Centre, Swansea, Wales and the Belize High
Commission, London, UK. 2002
Common Cultures. Wrexham Arts Centre, Wrexham, Wales. 2002
The bridge. Morley Gallery, London, UK. 2002
Contemporary art. Olimpio gallery, Merida, Mexico. 2001
In Hands. Gravura Brasileira Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2000
Biennale de Gravura. Amadora, Portugal. 2000
Zero. Olimpio Gallery, Merida, Mexico. 2000
Multiple Images. Image Factory, Belize City, Belize. 2000
The Contemporary Print Fair. The Barbican, London, UK. 1999
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Adrian, Barron /
Essays on: Heterotopia West , Homa Meridian ( Ha-ha GMT) and the Supervene Forest. 2014 -17

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Essay on: Smoke and Fire and the Disasters of War

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